Why AutoBox?

For starters, we have some numbers...

4 Cities
250+ Cars
95k Avg
5Cr Saved for
200 Dealer


AutoBox App - India’s first app to provide users with real dynamic quotes for new vehicles purchase; from the convenience of your home and without even stepping foot into a vehicle showroom. This app addresses the issues faced by every single individual who intends to purchase a new vehicle.


When the time comes to buy a new vehicle, most vehicle buyers visit 1 or maybe 2 dealerships to get a quote. This makes them unaware of better deals and fantastic offers that are offered by our dealer partners.


Autobox understands your new car requirements, then our sales warriors negotiate the best price for the car from authorised dealer partners. We guarantee a Rock Bottom Price! All this from the convenience of your home.

How do we...
get you the rock bottom price?

AutoBox offers bulk purchases to dealerships to get you the best price advantage.

All our tie-ups with authorised dealerships are official, which means it's all legit.

As a buyer, you buy straight from the authorised dealership and not from us. No middle man stuff.

Our team of negotiators are hardcore. They will not settle till they don't get you the rock bottom price (literally) for your new car.

  • industry first
  • try it for free
  • quotes within 48 hours
  • lower than showroom rate


In addition to the real-time dynamic quote feature, AutoBox also has features like:

  • Buy New Vehicles.
  • Book a Vehicle Service
  • Test Drive Vehicle
  • Pre-Book Vehicle
  • Track Your Vehicle (GPS Tracker)
  • E-Challan look-up & payment (Coming Soon)
  • Toll Top-Up (Coming Soon)
  • Trade-In Old Vehicle