What is AutoBox App?

AutoBox App is the New & Effortless way to :-

  1. Buy New Vehicles.
  2. Book a Vehicle Service
  3. Test Drive Vehicle
  4. Pre-Book Vehicle
  5. Track Your Vehicle (GPS Tracker)
  6. Get Location Based RTO Services
  7. Trade-In Old Vehicle
  8. Information on Location-Based Emergency Services
  9. Information on Location-Based Breakdown Services
  10. Information on Location-Based Towing Services
  11. Get SOS Help
  12. Toll RFID Top-Up
  13. One-Click Chauffeur Call
  14. Get Fantastic Aftersales Offers
  15. School Bus Tracking & Proximity Notification

How do I get the best quote for the vehicle I want to purchase?

All you do is shortlist your vehicle of choice on the AutoBox website or the App and our team of sales warriors start negotiation with various authorized dealerships to get you the rock-bottom price.

All this without having to leave the comfort of your home and without even stepping foot into the vehicle showroom.

Best of all it’s completely FREE whether you buy a vehicle or not!

It’s a revolutionary new way to buy your new vehicle; no more painful negotiating at the dealership, you tell us the vehicle you want to buy and we get official dealers to compete for your business with their best quotes.

We get you the best quote within 48 hours from the time you’ve punched-in the request. Official dealers offer their best quote, so there is no need to haggle.

Your contact information is shared with dealers only once you have accepted the quote, so you won’t be hassled by any unwanted sales calls.

Why use AutoBox App over walking into your local dealership?

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting and enjoyable experience and we at AutoBox intend to keep it that way for you. We make this possible by eliminating the travel time to the various showrooms, haggling over prices, and yet getting the best on-road price for you from official dealers.

We have a simple equation with official dealers, AutoBox provides them with volumes and they intern provide our end users; which is you, with the best prices. You further benefit as AutoBox bypasses the commission kept aside for the junior sales executive and directly work with senior management who have pre authorized big discounts for AutoBox.

We’re committed to finding the best deals for our users, while providing an easy and enjoyable vehicle-buying experience from within the comfort and convenience of your home.

Why do I need to sign up to see the offers?

We notify you via the app when your offers come in. Dealers don’t want to publicly display all the details of their offers for the world to see, but they’re happy to offer AutoBox exclusive discounts privately to our high-quality users who’ve signed up.

Are there any additional costs?

Zero, Zilch, Nada. The On-Road price we give the end user is the price one has to pay and AutoBox App will never charge for anything whether one end up buying a vehicle or not!

What do the quote include?

All quotes you receive on AutoBox are based on the exact vehicle you configured. This is an On-Road price for a brand-new vehicle.

There are no extra costs to pay and AutoBox never charges the user anything, weather you buy a vehicle or not.

Are you a broker?

No! we are not and in fact we are offended to be labelled as one, as we always work in the best interest of the buyer; that’s you. We do not charge you for our services, and, if you decide to purchase the vehicle, we are not involved at any point during the transaction. You’ll buy directly from the authorized dealer.

Who are the dealers on AutoBox App?

AutoBox has tied-up with only manufacturer authorized and official dealers of the specific brand which have a showroom you can visit in person.

We work directly with the dealership owners as they are the only ones that can offer the exclusive AutoBox discounts. You won’t get the same deal if you walk into a showroom and deal with the sales staff as there are too many layers linked to commissions.

How do I know the dealer will honor the AutoBox App quote?

It’s extremely rare that a dealer doesn’t honor a quote. This will generally only happen because the manufacturer has suddenly decided to change the pricing OR if the actual transaction occurs one 72hrs post the user receiving the quote from the dealer. All quotes are valid for 72hrs from the date of receipt. i.e. the date you received the quote on the AutoBox app.

Manufacturer price changes happen roughly on a quarterly basis and we try to keep you updated about them well before they happen!

What do I do after getting a great quote I am happy with?

First of all, Congratulations! We are glad we could get you the best quote for your vehicle of choice.

Now we connect you with the dealership who has given us the rock bottom deal to complete the sales and payment formalities. Either you can:

1) Request a home or office visit.

2) Visit their showroom yourself.

3) Give them a call or request a callback.

All that’s left is to sit back and wait for your shiny new vehicle to arrive!

Why are some quotes better than others?

The discounts the dealers give depend on how many of those models are in stock with that specific dealer, month ending, year ending, manufacturer promotions etc. Some versions of vehicles such as special editions are already heavily discounted by the dealers and can’t offer further discount on these. Similarly, new model launches seldom have heavy discount and hence dealers won’t always give large discounts straight away.

Why are some of my quotes similar?

Quotes are occasionally similar as our dealers agree to a certain percentage discount off the Ex-Showroom price, and the dealers are simply giving you the best percentage discount possible.

How do I get quotes for a different brand & model at the same time?

You can configure the same brand and model with a different trim level, or configure a completely new vehicle, it’s totally up to you. Simply repeat the process on the app (Buy a Four Wheeler / Buy a Two Wheeler) and the new vehicle quote will showcase within the ‘My Vehicle Quotes’ section.

Do AutoBox App dealers accept trade in old vehicles?

Yes, most of our dealers offer old vehicle exchange. Make sure to mention old vehicle trade-in during the shortlisting process in the App and the dealers will get in touch with you 48hrs post you receive the quote on your app to discuss and arrange the vehicle inspection and trade-in value.

How long are my quotes valid for?

All quotes are valid for 72hrs from receiving them in your account on the AutoBox app.

What if I messaged a dealer and haven’t received a response?

This is ideally not supposed to happen as we expect the dealers to extend the best service to AutoBox users but in case of a late or no communication from the dealer due to unavoidable circumstances, you can simply call them directly via the App.

We want to make sure all Autobox users get priority service so we would really appreciate you getting in touch with us in case of such an experience.

How do I contact AutoBox?

You can either email us on info@autoboxapp.in OR call us on +91 8080 557755 and for more information, you can visit www.autoboxapp.in