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Tie-Up with us to increase your sales and workshop revenue without any financial investment what-so-ever.
You only pay us a minuscule commission fee once we give you a successful booking.

The Autobox Advantages

  • We are NOT in the business of selling leads, we give you a confirmed sale.

  • Imagine us as an on-field vertical of your existing sales team.

  • No On-Boarding Fees.

  • No Annual Fees.

How does it work?

We advertise on various channels and get access to thousands of qualified users wanting to buy new car. Our in-house sales advisors then funnel these leads and pass them to you only for the final booking formalities. Which means, the lead time between us giving you the customer and a successful sales closure is just two day!
You get quick, easy, direct sales, on your terms and we only charge upon a success basis.

How does it work

Most Preferred Dealer Programme

We rewards dealers who help us with a Rock Bottom Price, the relationship is simple; you give us a Rock Bottom Price and we give you more sales.
Once we see that you have repeatedly given us great deals you automatically get promoted to the Most Preferred Dealer (MPD) status which means we prefer dealing with you for most of our deals.

Most preferred dealer program

How can I join?

Simple fill up the above form or call us on +918080557755 and our dealer on-boarding team with get your dealership up and running in no time. We assure this will be the best business decision you take this year.

How can i join?